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EchoLink is developed and supported entirely by volunteers, and is provided to the Amateur Radio community free of charge.  However, to help defray the costs of hardware, software, and Internet access required to keep EchoLink running, we are pleased to offer an optional Vanity Node Number program.

Each new user of EchoLink is normally assigned a 6-digit node number.  However, there are also some 4-digit numbers and 5-digit numbers that are currently unassigned.  If you'd like to get a 4- or 5-digit node number for your callsign, and make a contribution to EchoLink at the same time, here's your chance!

Vanity Node Numbers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The contribution for a 4-digit number is US $40, and for a 5-digit number, US $15, per callsign.  All contributions go directly to the costs of operating the EchoLink system.  Payment can be made online only.

If you are not already a validated user of EchoLink, please download and install the software, and wait for your callsign to be validated.  Then, return to this page to request your Vanity Node Number.

To begin, please enter the information below.  You will be shown a list of the numbers currently available, from which you can make a selection.

I'd like to choose a:
4-Digit Node Number ($40) See Choices
5-Digit Node Number ($15) See Choices
430000-450000 Number ($40) See Choices

Node Callsign: (please include -L or -R if applicable)
Node Password: *

*Hint: If you can't remember your password, start up EchoLink, choose Setup from the Tools menu, and click the small question-mark button next to the Password box.

Return/Refund Information: If for any reason you wish to revert your callsign to its original node number, you may do so by notifying EchoLink at, and your Vanity Node Number payment will be refunded.

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