Change Callsign

If your callsign has changed since you originally were validated for EchoLink, you can use this page to update the system with your new callsign.

The first step is to register your new callsign with EchoLink. To do this, you must run the EchoLink software using your new callsign. (For the Windows edition, change the callsign by choosing Setup from the Tools menu, then click Change Callsign).

The second step is to validate your new callsign. If you haven't already validated it, please see the Validation page to begin. However, if you are a Swedish amateur and you have moved to a different numbered district, you may be able to use the form below to validate your new call in a single step.

After changing the callsign in the EchoLink software, enter your old call, your new call, and the EchoLink password(s) for each in the spaces below. (If you cannot remember the password for the old call, see Password Reset for assistance.)