Request Password Reset

If your callsign is already validated for EchoLink, but you have forgotten your password, you can ask to have the password re-set so that you can choose a new one.

However, to ensure security, we will only send a reset link to the e-mail address you provided to us when you were originally validated for EchoLink.

Please enter your current e-mail address below. If this address matches the address we have on file for your callsign, we'll send you a reset link via e-mail. Otherwise, we will explain other options for resetting the password.


E-Mail Address:
(Please enter only an address at which you can still receive e-mail.)

FAQ For This Page

What if my e-mail address has changed since the last time I used EchoLink?

If you have forgotten your password and your e-mail address has changed, we have no way to verify your identity for EchoLink. You will need to be re-validated (your node number will not change). To begin, please enter your callsign and your current e-mail address above, click "Continue", then follow the instructions on the screen.

I have more than one e-mail address, and I still receive mail at each of them. Which one should I enter above?

Enter the e-mail address you provided when you set up the EchoLink software.

I tried using this page, but I never received a password reset message in my e-mail box. What should I do?

Most likely, we tried sending a message to your address, but your mailbox was unreachable, or the message was discarded by a spam filter. You can try again, or you can re-validate yourself. To begin, enter your callsign and some other e-mail address in the spaces above, click "Continue", then follow the instructions on the screen.