Conference Server Validation

The EchoLink system consists of single-user nodes, RF gateway nodes, and conference servers.

Single-user nodes and RF gateways are identified by their callsigns; RF gateway nodes have either a -L or -R suffix, indicating that they are a link to a simplex frequency or to a repeater. Each of these node types supports conferencing (as an option), whereby more than one station may be connected at the same time.

Dedicated conference servers, on the other hand, are nodes that have no RF gateway of their own, and instead function solely as a meeting place to which other nodes can connect. Conference servers typically have high capacity, fast Internet connectivity, and have callsigns beginning and ending with an asterisk (like *CONF*).

Any validated EchoLink user may apply for validation of a conference server, in addition to his or her main EchoLink node, as long as he or she agrees to the policies outlined below. The goal of the policies is to ensure that only bona fide conference servers appear in the EchoLink node listings, and that each conference serves a useful purpose within the Amateur community.

To request validation of a conference server, please enter your EchoLink callsign and password below, and a proposed name for your conference. Then, click "Submit Conference Request" to begin the approval process.

Trustee Credentials

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New Conference Information

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