Tips for configuring the Alcatel Speedtouch Pro Modem for Echolink

Telstra Bigpond ADSL in Australia have provided the Alcatel Speedtouch Pro ADSL modem to their customers. When I got this modem, my Echolink connection would no longer work. I got the list of active stations but I could not connect anyone. The Echolink diagnostic program revealed there was a problem with the UDP connectivity. Finally I figured out that I had to "pinhole" the UDP ports 5198 and 5199 in the modem. Here is what I did.

I downloaded & installed the Nubz AlcaTool software version 0.9d8 from the internet
From the NAPT menu item I
Selected UDP
Under "inside address I typed in my PC IP address followed by :5198
Under outside address I typed in o Repeated the same for UDP 5199

That was enough to make Echolink work with the Alcatel Speedtouch Pro ADSL modem. The changes made appear now in the Nubz AlcaTool programm window under "Static Port Mappings". I hope, this information helps other with similar problems. Echolink is too good to be missed for a silly modem issue !

Vy 73 de Dieter, VK3FFB


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