Station Summary Window

The Station Summary window displays statistics about stations in the Station List, organized by type, status, and country of origin.  To display the Station Summary window, choose the Station Summary item from the View menu.  The window "floats" over the EchoLink screen, and can be moved as desired by dragging the title bar.

The displayed statistics are updated each time the Station List is refreshed.  The numbers are the count of stations in each category.  Counts which have increased since the last refresh are displayed in green; counts which have decreased are displayed in red; and counts which have stayed the same are displayed in black.

The lower half of the window shows the count of stations by country, in descending order, according to the station's callsign prefix.  The names of countries and their derivation from callsign prefixes is based on the ITU Prefix list, so it does not necessarily reflect DXCC entities.