Keyboard Shortcuts

As an alternative to using EchoLink with a mouse, the following commands can be entered from the keyboard:

Key Function
Alt+1 Activates the Station List area
Alt+2 Activates the Text Message area
Alt+3 Activates the QSO Status area
Alt+4 Activates the Text Chat area
F6 Activates the next area (in the sequence above)
Shift-F6 Activates the previous area (in the sequence above)
Alt+PgDn Switches between Index View and Explorer View in the Station List
Tab Switches between the left and right sides of Explorer View, or between sections of the Text Chat area
Space Begins (or ends) transmitting
Ctrl+F10 Keys (or un-keys) the local transmitter (Sysop mode)
Ctrl+F9 Simulates COS function of local receiver (Sysop mode)
Alt+A Alarms
Alt+B List Me As Busy
Ctrl+C Copy
Alt+C Connect (the selected station)
Alt+D Disconnect
Alt+E Setup
Ctrl+F Find
Alt+M Server Message
Ctrl+O Connect To...
Ctrl+P Print
Alt+P Preferences
Alt+R Reconnect
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Z Undo
Del Delete
Ctrl+X Cut
F1 Help (Contents)
Alt+F4 Exit
Alt+F10 Alarm Log
Alt+F11 Station Summary
Alt+F12 Statistics
Alt+F2 Recording start/stop
F5 Refresh (station list)
Alt+F9 DTMF Pad
Alt+Y Sysop Setup

Explorer View Shortcuts

The following keyboard commands are available when Explorer View is active:

Key Function
Enter Connect to selected station, or expand selected folder
Tab Switch between left and right sides of Explorer View
UpArrow Select previous item in list
DownArrow Select next item in list
RightArrow Expand selected folder (left side)
LeftArrow Collapse selected folder (left side)
* (on num pad) Expand selected folder and all sub-folders (left side)
PgUp Scroll to the the previous page of items
PgDn Scroll to the next page of items