Connection Statistics Window

The Connection Statistics window displays detailed information about the currently-connected station (or stations).  This display is useful in Conference mode, when more than one station is connected, or to help diagnose network-related problems.  To display the Connection Statistics window, choose the Connection Statistics item from the View menu.  The window "floats" over the EchoLink screen, and can be moved as desired by dragging the title bar.

The upper half of the window shows each station that is currently connected (by callsign and name), along with its hostname or IP address.  If one of the connected stations is currently transmitting, its callsign is highlighted in yellow.  Right-click on any station's callsign to display a menu of the following options:

Disconnect:  Disconnects this station.  This is particularly useful when a conference is in progress, and you wish to disconnect only one station from the conference.

Station Info:  Display's the station's Information file, which is normally shown on the main EchoLink screen, except when a conference is in progress.  This is a convenient way to read a station's Information file while a conference is in progress.

The lower half of the window displays counts of "packets" that have been sent or received during the current connection (or since the first connection, if more than one station is connected).  The Compensation item displays the number of packets added or dropped to compensate for mismatched sample rates, if the Auto Sample Rate Compensation option is enabled.  Choose Clear to reset these counters to zero.

Three "progress bars" show the size of each of several buffers used by EchoLink. 

The Send bar shows the number of packets waiting in queue to be sent over the Internet; on a good Internet connection, this bar should be near zero.  If the bar grows to the right, it may indicate a temporary bandwidth problem with the Internet connection.

The Net bar shows the number of packets received from the Internet waiting to be processed by EchoLink.  Normally, while receiving a signal from another station, this bar should be approximately half scale.

The Audio bar shows the number of sound buffers waiting to be processed by the sound card.